Getting Things Off My Chest, Part II

Hi all, it’s been a while!

Now how often does anyone talk about undergarments? The ridiculous cost, the difficulty in trying to work out your size when your weight is constantly fluctuating, and when you finally figure out your current size, trying to find a nice bra that’s actually available in your size.

Now let’s go back to cost – I genuinely can’t understand why bras can be so expensive. I once dared to venture into a Victoria’s Secret store and was overwhelmed by a mixture of feelings – firstly, I was hit by an uncomfortable feeling of “You don’t belong here” when faced by all those images of ‘perfect’ looking lingerie models (I say ‘perfect’ because I cannot be certain of how much Photoshopping has occurred). Then followed a feeling of slight relief as a member of staff was actually friendly and helpful – now I know that’s their job, but not all people in customer facing roles demonstrate as much product knowledge as this particular person did. Then my final feeling was “£50 for one bra?? F*** that!” I promptly left.

Now in terms of clothes, my usual mantra is “you get what you pay for” – I often find the slightly more expensive products last longer and are made of better quality materials. Cheap does not always equate to good value. However, I still don’t think this justifies that kind of money. Which leads me onto my next point.

A while back I was desperate for some plain white bras that wouldn’t show through, and I was so surprised to have found a couple of nice bras at Peacocks. Normally, I wouldn’t usually set foot in a store like that – I can’t stand stores similar to the likes of Primark or H&M, and this is not meant to come across as snobby, it’s just that ‘cheap’ generally means ‘poor quality’. However on this occasion, I wasn’t too worried – who’s going to look at my underwear anyway? I left with two items, which fit almost perfectly (I say almost because I’m asymmetrical), and having parted with no more than £10.


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