Irregular Insoles

Apologies for the lack of posts lately! For this one, I am going back to the subject of footwear. Irregular Choice (IC) are my absolute favourite brand for beautiful, statement shoes, and what with it being wedding season, I thought this was an appropriate time to talk about them! On the other hand, I am one of those people who struggles with high heels (it’s agony!). For me, I think the problem is a lack of practice walking in them combined with my awkwardly shaped feet.

I am drawn to Irregular Choice shoes because they are so unique – they are nothing like the shoes found in most high street fashion stores, which I tend to find bland and samey. The only downside to Irregular Choice is that their shoes are rather narrow – so as per usual, I have to buy shoes that are too long just to get my ridiculously wide feet into them.

In an attempt to make one of my pairs of Irregular Choice shoes more comfortable, I decided to buy a pair of their insoles (£3.50 per pair). Not only are they pretty, they are really easy to trim to size following the instructions on the underside of the accessory, as per the images above. Be sure to use super sharp scissors though!

I have also included some images of my foot compared to a trimmed insole to demonstrate how my foot is shorter and wider than the conventional size that it has been cut down to (a UK size 6 to fit into one of my pairs of IC shoes).

I decided to wear my favourite pair of ICs with insoles inserted at a wedding on Friday (07.07.2017) to see if they made my feet feel better. The soles of my feet definitely felt the benefit – they felt more cushioned than they would without the insoles. On the other hand, this hasn’t dealt with the fact I struggle to get shoes to fit properly – if only this beautiful brand made wide fit shoes!! Plus, my feet and calves still aren’t used to being at such an angle, so my toes and lower legs still ended up being in agony. I think the only way I am going to overcome this issue is to either practise, practise, practise, or just stick to flats. On the plus side, they did give a free tote bag with my purchase! It’s bright gold with a unicorn on it, what’s not to like?


One thought on “Irregular Insoles

  1. That’s interesting you find that IC are too narrow, they’re already meant to be on the generous side. I suppose everybody has uniquely different feet. I might give the insoles a go though see if they can add something to my plainer shoes.


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