Getting Things Off My Chest

…And not always in a good way. So recently I have bought a couple of blouses that I have had issues with the buttons in the chest area.


The blouse pictured above was £16.99 from TK Maxx’s Southend store, and was the only one of that design that I could see. I spotted it instantly, and as I am always determined to be unlike anyone else, I jumped at the chance to buy something that there was only one of. I guess this is one of the beauties of TK Maxx – although usually you need a lot of time and patience to trawl through lots of items to find that one perfect piece. I guess I got lucky this time!

Because I liked the shirt so much, it was in my usual size and looked like a reasonably loose fitting shirt, I didn’t worry about trying it on. Risky move, especially with my awkward proportions! So within the next couple of days, I finally try the shirt on.


The top button is level with the middle of my bra – i.e. that bit between the cups (see second image). I am short in the body, and rather flat chested, hence why the buttons seem so low on me. But before I start worrying about going outside and accidentally revealing myself, I remember that pack of safety pins I bought when I had a slightly different blouse dilemma. If you look at the first image, you might see a safety pin disguised in there. This hasn’t put me off wearing the shirt – who doesn’t love stars anyway??

Just over a month ago, I bought this beautiful white blouse from River Island – – lovely! I love the little copper coloured buttons, and the loose fit – plus, it goes really nicely with these black skinny trousers from Next – – or any skinny jeans for that matter!

I was quite surprised however, when I first wore this shirt, the third button down from the top kept popping open every time I moved my arms more that a smidge. Every time I put my handbag back on my shoulder, or raised my arm to hold onto a hand rail on the tube, for example. But luckily, the safety pin has been much easier to conceal with this shirt, due to the extra flap of material behind the buttons. Again, I still like the shirt enough to not let this put me off wearing it.


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