Thunder Thighs: Denim’s Downfall

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I have always had the problem of jeans wearing out in the crotch/ groin area. This has always happened to me regardless of my size – my weight has yo-yoed over the years, so my size has varied from a size 6 to a size 14 – however, even as a skinny 16 year old ten years ago, I never had that mythical “thigh gap” we’re all apparently expected to have. I have always had Thunder Thighs.

I must admit, some brands are worse for wearing out than others – I have tried jeans and trousers from Next, River Island, Topshop, M&S and F+F (Tesco’s clothing range). I have found that usually you do get what you pay for – for me, the more expensive jeans have lasted longer. Out of all the brands I have tried, I definitely trust River Island jeans the most – they last the longest, the material feels better quality, and they fit me better than the other brands (I have also found they are slightly cheaper that Topshop on the whole, although I would say Topshop are better at other things, but that’s for another time).

I know that jeans were originally designed in 1873 to be hard-wearing trousers for hard work, but have since developed into a fashion statement. But just because something is now a wardrobe staple for everyone, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t last right? For me personally, I would rather spend my money on a product that is going to last years, rather than mere months – I realise, that in today’s society where everything is so disposable, this must make me sound like a crazy person. The general attitude of today is to just throw away anything that is broken, rather than to mend it, or make something that is meant to last in the first place! Then again, if companies made clothes that lasted a long time, therefore decreased our shopping/ spending habits, how would they make any money..?

For a brief history of the classic blue jean, please see


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