Irregular Insoles

Apologies for the lack of posts lately! For this one, I am going back to the subject of footwear. Irregular Choice (IC) are my absolute favourite brand for beautiful, statement shoes, and what with it being wedding season, I thought this was an appropriate time to talk about them! On the other hand, I am […]

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Ugly Building, Nice Clothes

Just a short piece today. So yesterday, Thursday 29th June, I had a job interview with Boden – the clothing company who mostly sell online and via their catalogue. I usually suffer from interview nerves, but this sign definitely lightened my mood a little! “Ugly Building. Nice Clothes.” Regardless of the outcome of the interview, this […]

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Mud, Sweat & (facing) Fears

So this one is slightly off topic – but hopefully will convey a positive message. I don’t know about you, but I know for me and others who are similarly unathletic, PE/ sports at school was not a joy in the slightest. I have never been a natural athlete, and running for more than a […]

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Getting Things Off My Chest

…And not always in a good way. So recently I have bought a couple of blouses that I have had issues with the buttons in the chest area.   The blouse pictured above was £16.99 from TK Maxx’s Southend store, and was the only one of that design that I could see. I spotted it […]

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Why does nothing fit?

I am short and rather round, with asymmetrical boobs and really wide feet. As you can imagine, trying to find clothes and shoes that both fit properly and suit me can be really distressing! I remember once as a chubby teenager shopping at Camden Market and trying on a T-Shirt that literally had “One Size Fits All” […]

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